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When I was about 6 years old, I was cutting the table cloth edges of my mother’s prized tablecloth (made by my grandmother) so that I could make dresses for my Barbie dolls.  My mother loved me enough to see that I was trying to “create” and taught me to sew, put me into sewing and design classes, and pushed me to pursue what I loved.  I have taken wedding dress design on the east coast, learned window dressing at Haberman Fabrics, studied in many design classes, and have 20+ years of sewing and design from a wonderful woman who learned tailoring in her native Romania.   I took flat pattern making from Shermane Fouche who teaches at Eastern Michigan and has designed many hats and show clothes that were worn by Elton John.  All of this equals over 50+ years of sewing and design experience.

I love assisting the customer with their vision for their particular item of clothing to wear, repairs so that they can continue wearing their favorite clothes or use their favorite items, and alterations to make sure they have the right fit.  My embroidery passion is a lovely way to enhance any article of clothing to upscale it, repair it or just give it a new fun look!