Why is Bianchi Stitches different

Bianchi Stitches is different because I relate to the customer and their specific needs. I work closely within the customer’s budget even to the point of suggesting subtle changes that could bring big savings to them. Bianchi Stitches works on unusual projects with the same intensity and focus as it employs on more traditional projects.

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Embroidery truly enhances every item it is stitched upon;  whether it is for a gift, logo or just a “do
something different" item. 

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Idea, Repairing or Changing

Sewing entails many things, whether it’s starting with a new idea or repairing or changing an item that the customer already has.

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Newfoundlands and other Dogs:

Custom dog bibs and other items with the focus being on the practical as well as “out of the ordinary”.